Wilmington Village Seeks Community Support to Restore Beloved Village Sign

Wilmington, a small village in the heart of the countryside, is facing a challenge after a recent storm caused damage to its beloved village sign. The post, which marks the entrance to Wilmington at the junction of High Road and Barn End Lane, was removed due to the severity of the storm.

The village is now reaching out to the community for help in restoring the sign and returning it to its rightful place outside the Memorial Hall. Local artist Richard Slater has already lent a hand in repairing the sign, but the Wilmington parish council is in need of additional assistance to complete the job.

According to the council, a fabricator has been secured to construct a metal frame to hold the 4′ x 3′ sign and post, but a designer and technical drawing are needed to ensure a precise fit. Additionally, a structural engineer is required to approve and test the design before it can be reinstalled.

The council spokesperson expressed the community’s eagerness to see the sign returned to its rightful place in the village. They are calling on anyone with the necessary skills and expertise to step forward and lend a hand. Those interested in helping can contact the council at clerk-wpc@outlook.com.

The village of Wilmington is known for its close-knit community and beautiful surroundings, and the parish council’s call for help is a testament to the strong sense of community spirit that exists within the village. With the help of willing volunteers, the village sign will soon be restored and once again welcome visitors and residents to this charming village.

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