Water Leak Near Galley Hill Road Collapse Raises Concerns for Local Residents and Officials

A significant water leak was reported near the site of the Galley Hill Road cliff collapse this morning, causing concern among local residents and officials.

According to reports, a pipe was seen pouring water above the closed road in Swanscombe at around 9am. Thames Water vans were spotted at the scene as they worked to repair a leaking stop cock.

The road, which connects Swanscombe High Street to Ebbsfleet Football Club’s Kufflink Stadium in Northfleet, has been closed since a landslide occurred on Easter bank holiday Monday, causing a large portion of the road and cliff to collapse onto nearby businesses in Manor Way Industrial Park.

This latest incident has raised even more concerns about the stability of the road, which has experienced a record 50 water leaks in the past five years. Local councillor Peter Harman has taken action by setting up a petition calling for the faulty pipe to be replaced and new pipes to be installed below the chalk spine.

At a recent meeting, KCC Highways representative Toby Howe presented four possible options for fixing the road, including re-surfacing and reopening it if the damage is not severe, installing traffic lights, building a retaining wall, or creating a bridge.

Residents are urged to stay updated on the situation and to sign the petition for a long-term solution to the ongoing issues with Galley Hill Road.

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