Wasps Rugby Club Announces Major Update on Return to Elite Rugby and Possible Move to New Home in Kent

Former Premiership rugby team Wasps has released a major update regarding their highly anticipated return to elite rugby, including news of a possible move to a new permanent base at Pedham Place in Swanley, Kent.

The club, which faced financial struggles and administration in 2022, has been looking for a new home and has now secured “sustainable finance” and a “stadium in which to play.” However, the specific location has not been revealed.

There were previous speculations that Wasps would relocate from the Midlands to Kent, and the club had requested Sevenoaks council to consider a 28,000-seat stadium at either Pedham Place Golf Club or nearby Petham Court Farm. This proposal faced backlash from some residents, citing concerns about traffic.

Despite these challenges, the club’s strategy director Kenny Baillie remains optimistic and states that they have secured a stadium rental for the short term while they work on building a new stadium. The club’s announcement also mentions their desire to join a competition that aligns with their values.

Established in 1867, Wasps has a rich history in rugby and has won numerous titles. However, financial difficulties led to their administration in 2022. The club was later bought by HALO22, and they have been working towards their comeback in the rugby league.

Their plans for a new stadium include a multi-purpose arena with a capacity of 28,000, as well as facilities for training, medical care, and other sporting events. The club also hopes to collaborate with the Lawn Tennis Association to build an indoor and outdoor tennis facility on the site.

Their proposed development sites, Pedham Place and Petham Court Farm, will need to be allocated for development in Sevenoaks District Council’s next Local Plan Review. However, there is uncertainty around the developments due to concerns raised by National Highways about the impact on the highways network.

Wasps’ fans can follow their progress on the club’s Pledge page, where they will continue to post updates on their journey towards recovery.

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