Villagers in Southfleet Fight Against Proposed Battery Energy Storage System on Farmland

Villagers in Southfleet are strongly opposing the proposed plans by EcoDev to build a battery energy storage system off Foxhounds Lane. The community is outraged at the thought of a 10-acre facility being built on farmland, which they believe will destroy the landscape and negatively impact the environment.

EcoDev’s proposal includes the construction of 140 battery units, 140 inverters, 70 transformers, a new access road, a storage facility, CCTV, fencing, and a substation. These components will be in operation for up to 40 years and have a capacity of 300 megawatts, providing power to over 124,000 homes.

However, the villagers are concerned about the potential consequences of this development. They fear the destruction of farmland, loss of wildlife habitat, and contamination of the land. They also worry about the precedent it could set for future developments on the green belt.

Lyn Carter, a resident near the proposed site, expressed her opposition to the plans, stating that it is “appalling” and unacceptable to the community. She believes that the village should be supporting the farmers instead of industrializing their land.

Debbie Hockley, another resident, shares the same sentiment, stating that the proposed facility goes against the reason they moved to the countryside. She believes that it will ruin the landscape and have a negative impact on the community.

Southfleet Parish Council also opposes the plans, advocating for the protection of the green belt and the openness of the landscape. Cllr Ian Brown, the chairman, stated that they strongly oppose the industrialization of farmland in the area.

Despite the opposition from the villagers and the parish council, EcoDev insists that the development will not significantly impact the landscape or residents. They have received two letters of support from people living in Gravesend and Gillingham, who believe that this project is necessary for the transition to a decarbonized energy system.

The decision on the plans is expected to be made by July 17, but the villagers are determined to continue their fight against the development. They believe that this project will negatively impact the green belt and go against the values of their community.

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