Urban explorers capture daring footage of Bluewater Shopping Centre roof climb

Urban explorers capture daring footage of Bluewater Shopping Centre roof climb

A daring group of urban explorers have recently captured footage of themselves scaling the roof of Bluewater Shopping Centre, one of the largest shopping centers in the UK.

The YouTuber, who goes by the name Chi, and his friends managed to bypass security and make their way up the stairs to the domed ceiling. From there, they ran around and even peered down at a food court below.

In a disclaimer for the video, Chi claims that he and his group are trained professionals and warns against trying to replicate their dangerous stunts.

Bluewater Shopping Centre has responded to the incident, stating that they consider it to be trespassing and have taken action by referring the matter to their on-site security team.

When asked about his motivation for the video, Chi, who is seen wearing a hat and mask, explains that he enjoys the freedom and adrenaline rush he gets from exploring places that are off-limits to the public.

He also reveals that he often uses a trick of wearing a hi-vis vest and acting confident in order to gain access to restricted areas. This has allowed him to explore not just Bluewater, but also various locations in London, Birmingham, Kent, and even France.

While Chi admits to being chased by security and police at times, he maintains that no crimes have been committed, only trespassing.

A spokesperson for Bluewater Shopping Centre has condemned the group’s actions, stating that they do not condone such dangerous activities that put the safety of others at risk. They have also referred the matter to their on-site police for further action.

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