Top Earning Speed Cameras in Kent Bring in Over £1.6M in Fines

Top Earning Speed Cameras in Kent Revealed

Recently, it was revealed that the top five speed cameras in Kent have been raking in the most money from motorists. These cameras have been catching drivers breaking the speed limit and have generated a total of £1,683,100 in fines over the past five years.

The busiest of these cameras is located near the Dartford Tunnel, on the approach road to the M25. This camera has caught a whopping 64,214 drivers since 2019, making it the top earner. However, it dropped to fourth place in 2023 as other cameras in the county have become more active.

In 2023, the camera that brought in the most revenue in Kent was the one on the M25 Clockwise Junction 5 to Clacket Lane Services. It issued 10,011 tickets and generated £261,000 in fines. The next three top-earning cameras were on the M25 Swanley, the A229 Chatham Road (Blue Bell Hill), and the Dartford Tunnel Approach Road, all bringing in over £200,000.

The fifth position goes to the Hoath Way camera in Gillingham, which has collected £103,800 from 2,181 tickets.

However, it’s important to note that the money collected from these fines does not go to Kent Police. Chief Inspector Craig West, head of the road’s policing unit, clarified that the funds go to the court service.

West also explained that the locations of the fixed camera sites are chosen based on the number of accidents in the area. The aim is to improve road safety and reduce casualties. He also mentioned that these cameras are often placed on busy roads with high volumes of traffic, which naturally leads to a higher number of tickets being issued.

Kent Police has been working closely with its partners to make the county’s roads safer, and their efforts have shown positive results. According to Chief Inspector West, there has been a decrease in the number of fatalities on Kent’s roads.

However, speeding remains a significant factor in accidents. Inappropriate speed contributes to 11% of injuries, 15% of serious injuries, and 24% of deaths on the road, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. On average, 300 people are killed and over 2,500 are seriously injured each year due to speeding vehicles.

In light of this, one mother from Ramsgate is calling for speed calming measures on Dumpton Park Drive. In 2023, her son, Ethan Entwistle, tragically lost his life in a car crash on this road. Emergency services were called to the scene, but the 18-year-old was pronounced dead. His mother, Keena Entwistle-Lewis, has since joined the Dumpton Park Drive Safety Group to raise awareness about the need for safer driving.

Entwistle-Lewis has suggested installing flashing speed lights and lowering the speed limit on the road. She also believes that average speed cameras would be more effective in calming drivers down. The concerned mother has reached out to Kent County Council to discuss these measures and hopes to see some changes implemented soon.

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