Therefore, the future of the AI cameras on Crossways Boulevard remains uncertain.

Therefore, the future of the AI cameras on Crossways Boulevard remains uncertain.

Greenhithe’s Boy Racer Problem Resurfaces, AI Cameras Brought Back

After a brief hiatus, the notorious boy racer problem on Crossways Boulevard in Greenhithe has returned, prompting the reinstallation of AI cameras to combat the issue.

In 2022, the Dartford council installed the AI-assisted cameras after receiving numerous complaints from residents about the late-night racing activities on the busy dual carriageway. The cameras had an immediate impact, reducing the number of complaints. However, the council removed them earlier this year, believing the problem had been solved. Unfortunately, the boy racers returned and the complaints resumed.

Residents have expressed their frustration with the situation, with some reporting sleepless nights due to the loud noise and disturbance caused by the racing. Chairman of Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council, Peter Harman, has been campaigning against the boy racers for years and has seen the positive effects of the cameras in deterring their dangerous behavior.

During the height of the problem in 2022, the area saw up to 200 vehicles racing at speeds of up to 80mph, despite the speed limit being 40mph. This led to over 500 complaints and dispersal orders from the police. However, the issue was largely eradicated after the installation of AI cameras in October 2022, with 43 fixed penalty notices and 28 community protection warnings being issued in the first week alone.

Inspired by the success of the cameras in deterring fly-tipping in other areas, the council worked with Kingdom Systems to deploy the technology in the boy racer hotspot. This, along with the implementation of a public space protection order (PSPO) giving the council and police new powers, saw a significant reduction in the problem.

However, after the cameras were removed at the end of 2023, the issue resurfaced. To combat this, the council has brought back the AI cameras and has seen no further reports of street racing since their installation in February.

A spokesperson for the council stated that the AI cameras have been an effective deterrent against a range of antisocial and criminal behaviors and will continue to be used to ensure the safety of the community. The council is constantly reviewing their use to address any ongoing issues.

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