Swanscombe Residents and MPs Demand Government Action on A226 Galley Hill Road Landslide

Swanscombe Residents and MPs Demand Government Action on A226 Galley Hill Road Landslide

Swanscombe Landslide: Dartford MP Urges Government to Fund Repairs to Collapsed A226 Galley Hill Road, But Request Denied

After more than a year of closure, the A226 Galley Hill Road in Swanscombe remains shut due to a landslide that occurred in April last year. The ongoing dispute between Kent County Council (KCC) and Thames Water over liability has delayed the reopening of the road, prompting Kent MP Gareth Johnson to call for government intervention.

During a debate in Parliament, Mr. Johnson urged the government to step in and cover the costs of repairing the road. He argued that the local authorities should not have to bear the burden of this expense, and that the liable party should reimburse the government at a later date.

Fellow Kent MP Adam Holloway also expressed his concerns about the road closure, citing complaints from residents and the strain it has put on the nearby A2. He called for the government to take action and assist in the reopening of the road.

Minister for Roads and Local Transport Guy Opperman acknowledged the seriousness of the situation but did not commit to providing direct funding from the government. He urged all parties involved to continue discussions and find a solution to the ongoing dispute.

Last month, residents held a protest to mark one year since the road collapsed. They have been facing traffic congestion, lack of public transportation, and noise disruptions since the closure.

KCC has recently been granted access to the south side of the A226 to conduct investigations and is now seeking access to the north side. The council has stated that it is willing to take legal action if necessary to gain access to the land.

The landowners, Lancebox Ltd, have stated that they are still awaiting communication from KCC. The government has not yet provided a solution to the issue, leaving residents and local authorities frustrated with the lack of progress.

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