Swanscombe Cliff Collapse Investigation Delayed Due to Live Cables on A226 Galley Hill Road

Swanscombe Cliff Collapse Investigation Delayed Due to Live Cables on A226 Galley Hill Road

Swanscombe Cliff Collapse: Investigation into Closed A226 Galley Hill Road Delayed Due to Live Cables

The ongoing investigation into a cliff collapse that shut down the A226 Galley Hill Road in Swanscombe has hit another setback. Kent County Council had been assured that all electricity to the site had been turned off for intrusive investigation work to take place. However, during the course of their work, contractors discovered two live wires. This has caused work to be halted until UK Power Networks (UKPN) can confirm that there are no other live cables on site.

Peter Harman, Kent County Councillor for Swanscombe and Greenhithe, expressed his disappointment in the delay, stating that the specialist contractors had found two live cables despite previous assurances that there were none. He also mentioned that there is still debris that needs to be removed from the top of the cliff, including a cast iron water main, electrical cabling, and internet cables.

The A226 Galley Hill Road has been closed since April of last year due to a major landslip. The specialist contractors have been working on the site since April of this year and are expected to submit a detailed report to KCC’s highways team in August. A separate report is also being prepared for government ministers to seek financial assistance for the repairs.

This latest delay will surely disappoint residents who have been waiting for the road to be fixed. The legal issues between the site owners have already caused significant delays, with access to the full site only recently granted. UKPN has assured that they are working closely with KCC’s contractors to ensure their safety before they can resume their work.

KCC is now working with UKPN to resolve the issue with the live cables on-site. Once this is resolved, the contractor will be rescheduled to continue their work on the site. The A226 Galley Hill Road remains closed and there is no set date for when it will reopen.

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