Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents Protest One Year After Galley Hill Road Collapse

Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents Protest One Year After Galley Hill Road Collapse

Residents in Swanscombe and Greenhithe took to the streets once again, this time to mark the one year anniversary of the Galley Hill Road collapse. With placards in hand and car horns honking, more than 50 residents gathered at the junction of Galley Hill Road and High Street on April 6 to bring attention to the lack of progress made since the road gave way last year on April 10.

The Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents Association (SGRA) organized the event, inviting all those impacted by the closure of the vital route connecting Swanscombe and Northfleet. The protest aimed to raise ongoing concerns and demand action from local authorities and land owners, who have been locked in a battle over responsibility for the collapse.

SGRA Councillor Ann Duke stated, “The closure of Galley Hill Road has had a major impact on our community. It has severed a vital link between Dartford and Gravesham and put residents in dangerous situations. We cannot let this issue be swept under the carpet.” She also highlighted the potential risks that residents face, such as limited emergency access and increased traffic on narrow streets.

Despite ongoing efforts by residents and local councillors, there has been little progress made in the past year. Swanscombe councillor Claire Pearce expressed frustration with the lack of action, stating that “cake and placards will not sort out the fact that since the Galley Hill collapse the SGRA and their KCC Councillor have failed to put pressure on KCC and the government to deliver a solution.”

However, SGRA Kent County Councillor Peter Harman defended the protest, stating that it was necessary to keep the issue in the public eye. He also emphasized the importance of residents’ voices being heard, as they are the ones most impacted by the road closure.

As the community continues to push for a solution, it is clear that the issue of Galley Hill Road will not be forgotten. Residents are determined to keep the pressure on until the road is repaired and their safety is ensured.

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