Swanley Town Council Takes Action Against Abandoned Shopping Trolleys, Holding Supermarkets Accountable for Clean-Up Efforts

Swanley Town Council Takes Action Against Abandoned Shopping Trolleys, Holding Supermarkets Accountable for Clean-Up Efforts

Local supermarkets are facing increased pressure to address the issue of abandoned shopping trolleys in Swanley, with the town council taking action to hold them accountable for the clean-up.

Swanley Town Council has reported a significant increase in the number of abandoned trolleys in and around the town, with almost 250 collected in the past couple of months. This has been an ongoing issue for years, with many residents complaining about trolleys being left in residential areas and alleys.

According to the town council, the majority of these abandoned trolleys belong to Asda, with 210 collected in the past month alone. Aldi, on the other hand, has a wheel lock technology in place to prevent their trolleys from being removed from the car park. However, the local authority states that Asda turned off this technology when the pandemic started, making it easier for their trolleys to be taken away.

Residents have expressed frustration and inconvenience caused by the abandoned trolleys, with some noticing the issue for over two decades. The town council has now taken measures to address the problem, including implementing a system to recover costs from retailers for collecting their abandoned trolleys. In addition, they have contracted an individual to specifically collect abandoned trolleys and have secured a designated storage site.

The town council is also holding a meeting with Asda to discuss the issue and is urging supermarkets to take responsibility for their trolleys. Asda has confirmed they are working on repairing and reintroducing their trolley retention system, while Aldi has a similar system in place and works with Trolleywise to collect any abandoned trolleys.

Councillor Paul Darrington, who represents Swanley White Oak ward, has stated that the council is committed to promoting a tidy town and will work with retailers to address the issue and improve the overall quality of life for residents. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to report any abandoned trolleys they see using the Collex app. The council hopes that by holding supermarkets accountable, they can prevent trolleys from being taken away from the site in the first place.

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