Suspect Charged in Connection to Vandalism of Post Boxes in Dartford’s Temple Hill Area

Suspect Charged in Connection to Vandalism of Post Boxes in Dartford's Temple Hill Area

A suspect has been officially charged in connection with the recent vandalism of post boxes in the Temple Hill area of Dartford.

According to authorities, Danny Whiskin, a 33-year-old resident of Chaucer Way, is set to appear in Medway Magistrates’ Court today (Monday) to face charges of criminal damage to 37 post boxes in the Temple Hill neighborhood. The incidents, which took place between January 31 and March 9, involved the use of spray paint to alter the appearance of the post boxes.

Whiskin was initially arrested on February 13 and was released on bail. However, he was re-arrested on March 9 after another post box was reported to have been damaged. He is currently being held in custody.

The vandalism spree began when several post boxes in the area were painted gold, leading to police releasing a photo of a suspect and eventually arresting Whiskin. However, even after his initial arrest, more post boxes were targeted, this time being painted with pink and yellow spots or transformed to look like popular 90s TV character Mr Blobby. One post box even resembled a Cadbury Creme Egg.

While some residents found the creative post boxes to be a source of amusement, others have condemned the vandalism as “pure vandalism.” Royal Mail has stated that they are working with the police on the investigation and are in the process of restoring the affected post boxes to their original red color. The cost of repainting the post boxes has not been disclosed, as some have been targeted again even after being restored.

The majority of the incidents occurred in Temple Hill and surrounding areas. One post box in St Vincent’s Road was painted to look like a Cadbury Creme Egg, while another in Darenth Road remained painted gold. In addition, post boxes in Joyce Green Lane and Trevithick Drive were transformed into a “Mr Blobby” post box and a pink and yellow spotted post box, respectively. Royal Mail has urged anyone with information about the incidents to come forward and assist with the investigation.

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