Satisfy Your Cravings with Shawa Lebanese Grill at Bluewater’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Satisfy Your Cravings with Shawa Lebanese Grill at Bluewater's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Satisfy Your Cravings: Our Experience at Shawa Lebanese Grill in Bluewater for the Shopping Centre’s 25th Anniversary

As Bluewater, one of Europe’s largest shopping and leisure destinations, celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend, our team at the local newspaper decided to join in on the festivities. We sent reporter, Megan Carr, to explore the food court and try out one of the newer fast-food restaurants, Shawa Lebanese Grill.

Having grown up near Bluewater, Megan has fond memories of the shopping centre and was excited to see how much has changed in the food court since she last visited. She recalls childhood visits to the old fast food seating area, with its magical, fairy garden feel, and the odd underground play area and frog fountains that used to decorate the space.

But as she strolled through the food court on a Friday evening, it was clear that things have changed. The area is now bustling with people, a far cry from the “dead” shopping centre that many had claimed it to be. Megan notes that the old greenery and “fun stuff” have been replaced with more tables, catering to the high demand for food court dining.

As a fan of Lebanese food, Megan decided to try her luck at Shawa, which opened in 2015. The restaurant specializes in shawarma, a popular Lebanese dish made of grilled chicken or lean lamb served in flatbread. Megan opted for a medium chicken shawarma wrap with cheese fries and mango juice for her meal, as well as a plate of baklava to share with her friend.

She found the wrap to be delicious, with an even distribution of flavors and a nice crunch from the fresh salad. However, she did warn readers that the pickles in the wrap are pickled in a salt brine instead of vinegar, which may not be to everyone’s taste. The cheesy fries were a pleasant surprise, with a crispy texture and a generous amount of cheese. And the fresh mango juice was a highlight of the meal, refreshing and sweet.

In terms of decor, Megan noted that the Shawa stand is nicely presented but small, as it shares the food court with many other vendors. The food court seating area, while resembling a canteen, was exceptionally clean. However, the skylight made it a little dark for evening dining.

The staff at Shawa were quick and efficient, and Megan observed that the Bluewater staff were also working hard to keep the food court tidy during the dinner rush. As for price, Megan found her meal to be a bit steep at £17.65, and she thinks she would have been better off dining at one of Bluewater’s many restaurants for a few pounds more.

Overall, Megan gave Shawa a solid three and a half stars. While the food was tasty and the staff were friendly, the price may not be worth it for a dinner outing. She recommends Shawa for a quick lunch option instead, where a wrap alone would cost around £8. But for an enjoyable dining experience, she suggests trying one of Bluewater’s many restaurants. As for Bluewater itself, it’s a thriving destination that continues to evolve and cater to its visitors after 25 years.

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