RNLI Crew Surprised by Pod of Dolphins in the River Thames Near Gravesend

A pod of dolphins was discovered by RNLI crew members near Gravesend in the River Thames, surprising the lifeguards out on the water. The team from RNLI Gravesend had just returned from Crossness, near Belvedere, when they spotted the three dolphins swimming towards their boat in Northfleet.

Initially, the crew believed the mammals to be porpoises, but the RNLI later confirmed that they were in fact dolphins. According to crew member John Robinson, it was an incredible sight to see the dolphin-like fins and the two adults and calf swimming in the Thames. He also noted that the dolphins were jumping out of the water, making it even more exciting to witness.

Ian Smith, the station manager at Gravesend, also expressed his delight at seeing the marine mammals. He mentioned that while they often spot seals, dolphins are a rarer sight. After observing the dolphins swim off, the team returned to Gravesend Reach around 12:15 pm.

This sighting comes just a few months after a large whale was discovered on the shore of the Thames. Unfortunately, the whale was found dead and had to be recovered three days later from Cliffe on the Hoo Peninsula. The appearance of these marine animals in the Thames is a reminder of the diverse wildlife that can be found in our local waters.

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