Residents Express Concerns Over Plans to Repurpose Empty Co-op on Hever Road into Gym, Salon, and Barbershop

Depict an empty convenience store located on a local road in the town of West Kingsdown. Upon the doors, there's a note implying plans to transform the place into a gym, salon, and barbershop. On the nearby sidewalk, residents of various ages and descents are gathered, some expressing concern while others look optimistic. Show neighbors with worried expressions discussing the note and pointing towards limited parking spaces available down the street. Also, show a group of younger residents nearby, expressing excitement. Some of them are inspecting barbells and hairdressing tools in the storefront window, fantasizing about the proposed transformation. The upper floor shows residential windows suggesting that people live nearby.
Residents of West Kingsdown are speaking out against plans to repurpose an empty Co-op on Hever Road into a gym, salon, and barbershop. The proposal, which does not include any changes to the existing parking situation, has raised concerns among neighbors about limited parking availability.

The convenience store, which closed its doors in August after a new branch opened just a few hundred meters away, has been proposed to be transformed into a multi-use building. However, nearby residents are worried about the potential increase in traffic and noise in the area.

One resident stated, “There is already not enough parking in that area, and these new businesses will only add to the problem with longer parking periods needed for gym, salon, and barbershop clients.”

The idea of a gym in particular has received pushback, as residents fear the noise from music and exercise equipment will disrupt the peace of the neighborhood. The local parish council also raised concerns about the already limited parking in the area and the potential for increased traffic.

In addition to the parking issues, there are also concerns about the noise that a gym would bring. The parish council stated, “The gym will no doubt have music playing and the noise from exercise equipment will be a disturbance to nearby residents and those living in the flats above.”

Despite these concerns, some younger residents have expressed support for the proposed businesses, as it would provide them with convenient access to a gym and more options for hairdressers.

The application for the repurposing of the old Co-op can be viewed online and residents are encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns. However, with the current parking and noise issues, it remains to be seen if the proposal will move forward.

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