Residents Demand Action Against HGV Parking on London Road in Stone, Dartford

Residents Demand Action Against HGV Parking on London Road in Stone, Dartford

Residents in Stone, near Dartford, are calling for action to be taken against HGVs parking overnight along London Road amid concerns of safety and sanitation.

According to reports, some lorry drivers have been seen urinating in public and leaving behind plastic bags of human excrement. This has led to a disgust among local residents who are now demanding that something be done about the situation.

For years, residents have raised concerns about the dangers of lorries parking on the brow of a hill on the A226. In February 2020, a motorcyclist was seriously injured after colliding with a parked lorry in the same location. And just a few months earlier, a fatal accident involving a lorry and a car occurred on the same stretch of road.

Despite these incidents, the Stone Parish Council’s calls for action have not been successful. Councillor Paul Cutler has been fighting the issue for years and says that the situation has only gotten worse. The number of lorries parked there every night has increased, creating dark and dangerous alleyways for pedestrians and posing a threat to motorists.

While some have suggested creating a designated lorry park, Cllr Cutler believes that it is not a viable option as it would require charging fees for parking. He also suggests that the police should encourage lorry drivers to move to a less dangerous location.

Residents are also concerned for their safety when walking past the tall vehicles at night. Gemma Murrells, a local resident, says that it can feel daunting and worrying to walk past the lorries, especially for women.

Cllr Cutler is urging residents to report any inappropriate behavior they witness, such as public urination or littering. He also hopes to gather evidence to support their case for action.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that they are aware of the issue and will take appropriate action if any offenses are reported.

Logistics UK, which represents the freight industry, acknowledges the shortage of lorry parking and has been pushing for government intervention. They stress the importance of providing safe and sanitary facilities for essential drivers during their legally mandated rest breaks.

Kent County Council was also approached for comment on the matter.

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