Rescued Pug Stan Makes TV Debut on For The Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond

Pug Rescued and Rehomed by Battersea to be Featured on TV Show with Alison Hammond

A stray pug named Stan, found wandering the streets of London with a limp on his back right leg, is set to make an appearance on a popular ITV show that highlights the plight of dogs in need.

The one-year-old pug has now found his forever home in Dartford, thanks to the efforts of dog wardens who brought him to Battersea’s centre in London. After X-rays revealed that Stan had a deformed right hip, most likely caused by a previous trauma, he underwent surgery and a recovery plan was put in place with the help of Battersea’s physiotherapy and hydrotherapy teams.

In addition to this, Stan also received a course of laser therapy, which uses light energy to target cells and reduce pain and inflammation. With the dedicated care of Battersea’s staff, Stan was able to make a full recovery in just a few weeks and was then adopted by a loving family in Kent.

Stan’s heartwarming story will be featured in an upcoming episode of For The Love of Dogs, with new host Alison Hammond taking over from the late Paul O’Grady. Sarah Sargent, Stan’s new owner, expressed her gratitude towards Battersea for the care and support they provided for her beloved pug. She also mentioned that Stan has made a great friend in their other rescue dog, Lola, who they adopted from Battersea 10 years ago.

Rebecca Verne, Battersea’s rehoming and welfare manager, praised Stan for his bravery and resilience in dealing with his treatment. She also highlighted the importance of the work done by Battersea’s teams in providing necessary care and support for rescue animals like Stan.

The heartwarming episode of For The Love of Dogs featuring Stan’s journey will air tonight at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX, showcasing the incredible work done by Battersea to give animals like Stan a second chance at a happy life.

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