Police Seize Ten E-Scooters in Dartford High Street Crackdown

Police Seize Ten E-Scooters in Dartford High Street Crackdown

Police Crackdown on E-Scooters in Dartford High Street Leads to Seizure of Ten Scooters

A recent police operation in Dartford High Street resulted in the seizure of ten e-scooters as part of an effort to enforce the updated Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in the town. The crackdown, which took place last week, saw officers and council staff working together to inform residents about the restrictions on e-scooter use.

The PSPO was first introduced in 2017 to combat anti-social behavior in the town center. In February of this year, it was amended to include a ban on riding e-scooters in the main pedestrian area. The order can be enforced by both police officers and council staff.

During the operation, ten e-scooters were confiscated after being spotted being ridden illegally. Additionally, six traffic offence reports were issued by police officers and five fixed penalty notices were given out by council staff for breaching the PSPO. Members of the public were also able to engage with the officers and staff to discuss any local concerns.

Inspector Lee Cheesman of the Dartford Community Safety Unit stressed the importance of enforcing the PSPO, stating that e-scooters pose a danger not only to the rider but also to the public. He also emphasized that Kent Police will not tolerate anti-social behavior in the town and will continue to work with partner agencies to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

The successful operation serves as a reminder to the public to abide by the law and respect the restrictions in place for the safety and well-being of all in Dartford.

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