Police Crackdown on Nuisance Drivers in Ebbsfleet, Chatham, and Gillingham

Police Crackdown on Nuisance Drivers in Ebbsfleet, Chatham, and Gillingham

Crackdown on Nuisance Drivers in Ebbsfleet, Chatham and Gillingham

Local police have issued a stern warning to nuisance drivers in Ebbsfleet, Chatham and Gillingham to stop their reckless behavior or face the consequences. The crackdown comes after numerous reports of excessive noise and anti-social activity caused by drivers in these areas.

On April 19, officers were called to Castle Hill in Ebbsfleet where a group of motorists were causing a disturbance with their vehicles. Police also responded to a similar incident at Platinum Jubilee Park in Swanscombe, where 13 individuals were stopped and ordered to leave the area and never return.

In Medway, a group of off-road bikers were reported for anti-social behavior on April 14. Police, in collaboration with staff from Medway Council, patrolled green spaces in Chatham and Gillingham to identify any reckless drivers without insurance or proper license plates.

During the operation, officers spoke to several individuals, including those unloading off-road vehicles for use on footpaths and open spaces. One bike was seized in Hoo after being used in an anti-social manner. Several motorists were also issued Section 59 warnings, which could result in their vehicles being seized if they continue to cause a nuisance.

Both Medway and Dartford have been designated as areas protected by a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) due to ongoing issues with boy racers. The PSPOs aim to tackle anti-social behavior and include restrictions such as driving in a convoy, racing, performing stunts, and playing loud music.

Inspector Mick Hayes emphasized the importance of enforcing the PSPOs to protect the community from the negative impact of anti-social behavior. He also urged drivers to be responsible and considerate of others while using their vehicles. The police will continue to work closely with the council to ensure the PSPOs are enforced and the safety of the community is maintained.

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