Police Crackdown on Anti-Social Driving in Bluewater and Surrounding Areas Yields Multiple Arrests and Seizures

Police Crackdown on Anti-Social Driving in Bluewater and Surrounding Areas Yields Multiple Arrests and Seizures

Police Bodycam Footage Reveals Successful Anti-Social Driver Crackdown in Bluewater and Surrounding Areas

Police have released bodycam footage showing the results of a countywide crackdown on anti-social drivers, which led to the seizure of multiple vehicles and several arrests.

Over the weekend, separate operations were carried out at Bluewater shopping centre in Greenhithe and in parts of Tonbridge and Malling. These targeted actions were in response to numerous reports from concerned residents about drivers speeding, endangering others, and causing excessive noise.

More than 50 vehicles were stopped and their drivers were spoken to, including a group of motorcyclists who were seen entering Bluewater at high speeds. In the footage released by police, an officer can be heard asking one motorcyclist why it took so long for them to stop after the officer turned on their blue light.

In another clip, officers can be heard reprimanding a motorist who allegedly drove down a footpath. Of those stopped, 19 were reported for traffic offenses, such as speeding, careless driving, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Additionally, five vehicles were found to be uninsured or untaxed and were subsequently seized. Two people were also arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with one being charged and bailed to appear in court.

The crackdown also included the implementation of dispersal orders in specific areas across Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, and Medway. These orders gave officers the power to direct those involved in anti-social behavior to leave the area and risk arrest if they returned.

In West Peckham, Mereworth, Plaxtol, Trench, and Hadlow, officers were on the lookout for off-road vehicles after receiving reports from residents about them being used in a disruptive manner. During the operation, four vehicles were seized, including one that had been reported stolen. Nine vehicles, including four motorbikes and one e-scooter, were stopped and one person received a Community Resolution Order for possession of cannabis.

Superintendent Nick Sparkes praised the success of the weekend’s activities, saying, “This weekend’s activity was in response to concerns raised by residents and local stakeholders, and we are committed to ensuring people can enjoy their community without being disturbed by those intent on using vehicles antisocially.”

Chief Inspector Stuart Paul, the District Commander for Tonbridge and Malling, reminded residents that they have the right to live peacefully and without fear, and encouraged them to continue reporting instances of anti-social behavior to the police.

Anyone wishing to report such behavior can do so through the Kent Police website, and if a crime is in progress, they should call 999.

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