Parkwood Hill Residents Successfully Stop Developer’s Plans for Additional Homes on Estate

Parkwood Hill Residents Successfully Stop Developer's Plans for Additional Homes on Estate

Local Residents in Parkwood Hill, Greenhithe, are celebrating a hard-earned victory after successfully stopping a developer’s plans to build additional homes on their estate.

The group of 40 neighbors joined forces to oppose the proposal after a planning application was filed to construct six homes on a designated green space in their community.

After months of campaigning, the residents of Parkwood Hill can now breathe a sigh of relief as the area will instead be landscaped, preserving the open space for all to enjoy.

The fight was led by Alex Paduraru, who was appalled when he received a letter outlining the plans just three months after moving into the neighborhood. “They weren’t part of the original plans,” he explained. “If they were, I would have had to accept it. But the area where the new homes were proposed was supposed to be part of the landscaping from a previous application for 40 homes.”

Determined to protect their community, Paduraru rallied his neighbors and collected signatures for a petition. “Every single neighbor signed it,” he proudly stated. “We were concerned that the proposed development would be too cramped, too large, and visually intrusive to the existing properties. It would also cause more traffic and overshadow the existing houses.”

Their hard work paid off when Dartford council rejected the developer’s appeal before Christmas. Councillor David Mote, who supported the residents in their battle, commended their efforts. “This was a nightmare development that was identified by residents who, with the support of Cllr Cally Gale and myself, requested the council to reject the original application,” he said. “Developers don’t always win, and this is a great example of how residents, councillors, and council officers can work together to achieve the right outcome.”

The victory not only preserves the open space for the community but also serves as a reminder that grassroots efforts can make a difference. “Personally, I’m looking forward to having a picnic where the site office used to be,” said Councillor Mote. And for Paduraru, it means his daughter Eva Maria, who is almost two, will have a beautiful green space to play in. “It’s a nicer view than more houses,” he said. “It will be nice to play in the space.”

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