Northfleet Technology College Plans Expansion to Meet Demand for Secondary School Places

Northfleet Technology College Plans Expansion to Meet Demand for Secondary School Places

Northfleet Technology College to Expand in Response to Growing Demand for Secondary School Places

In response to the increasing demand for secondary school places, Northfleet Technology College (NTC) has proposed an expansion plan.

Located in Northfleet, Kent, NTC is part of the Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Trust and has been consulting with Kent County Council (KCC) to increase the number of students it admits each year.

Last year, in agreement with KCC, the school temporarily offered 189 places and has decided to continue this for the upcoming academic year. However, the proposed expansion would make this increase permanent, eventually accommodating up to 1,120 students. Currently, there are 993 students enrolled.

If approved, the expansion plan would create an additional year 7 class, allowing the school to admit 25 more boys. In a letter sent to parents, carers, and staff, the chairwoman of governors, Sue Dunn, explained that this would result in a 15% increase in the number of places available.

Dunn also stated that the population in Gravesham borough is growing, leading to an increased demand for secondary school places. As a result, KCC needs to add more places to manage this demand. Expanding successful and popular schools, such as NTC, is one strategy for achieving this.

The expansion will be funded using KCC’s basic need capital budget, pending approval from councillors at the children’s, young people, and education cabinet committee in May. The plan is to build a new block next to the main school to accommodate the increased number of students. In the meantime, two temporary structures with four classrooms each will be placed on the field. These buildings will be moved from Meopham School with permission from KCC and NTC.

According to the planning statement, KCC has a statutory duty to ensure there are enough school places available. The proposal to increase the number of secondary places at NTC is in line with the expected increase in pupil demand. The school cannot accommodate further increases without additional temporary classrooms.

The planning statement also explains that the increasing demand for school places is a result of new residential constructions and migration from Greater London areas. The proposal to expand NTC is a response to this demand and a temporary classroom strategy is necessary while a permanent solution is developed and delivered.

If approved, the temporary buildings will be erected in April and will be removed in 2027. To view more planning applications and public notices for the area, visit the council’s website.

In conclusion, Northfleet Technology College is proposing to expand to meet the growing demand for secondary school places. The expansion plan aims to add 25 more places for boys in a new year 7 class and eventually accommodate up to 1,120 students. The plan is pending approval from KCC and temporary structures will be used until a permanent solution is developed. This expansion is a response to the increasing demand for school places in the Gravesham area.

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