New Ash Green Shopping Centre in Urgent Need of Roof Repairs as Village Pharmacy Takes Action

New Ash Green Shopping Centre in Urgent Need of Roof Repairs as Village Pharmacy Takes Action

Urgent Repairs Needed for Leaky Roof at New Ash Green Shopping Centre, Village Pharmacy Taking Action

The New Ash Green Shopping Centre, located on the outskirts of town, is in desperate need of repairs to its leaky roof. The pharmacy, one of the businesses located in the shopping centre, is taking action to combat the constant leaks.

New owners of the dated out-of-town shopping centre have acknowledged the urgent need for repairs and are currently working to address the issue before it becomes a larger problem. The shopping centre, which was built in the 1960s, is showing signs of wear and tear and is in need of significant repairs.

The Village Pharmacy is just one of the businesses affected by the damaged ceiling. Staff members are forced to work around buckets collecting dripping water, making it difficult to provide quality service to customers. Along with the pharmacy, other shops in The Row are also dealing with leaking ceilings, causing concern for the safety of employees and customers.

Cllr Laura Manston, who founded the New Ash Green Shopping Centre Preservation Group, has been advocating for repairs for almost two years. She is worried about the safety of staff in the pharmacy and the potential consequences for residents if the businesses are forced to close.

The new management company, KMP Solutions, took over the shopping centre in July and has made some minor improvements, including repairs to crumbling steps and faded signage. However, the issue of the leaking ceilings has yet to be addressed.

A spokesperson for KMP Solutions stated that the roof is their top priority and they are working with roofing and drain specialists to find the best solution. They have already instructed contractors to work on the residential roofs and are prioritizing the commercial aspects in multiple phases.

The new owners also expressed their disappointment in the previous neglect of the shopping centre, which has left them scrambling to fix multiple issues at once. They are committed to getting it right and ensuring the shopping centre remains a vital part of the community.

Other affected businesses include the pet supplies shop, Pets Pantry & Hardware, and the Clocktower Gym. The new owners purchased the site at auction last year and have promised to give the shopping centre the attention it deserves.

Residents and local businesses are hopeful that the urgent repairs will be completed soon, preventing any further damage and ensuring the safety of those who visit and work in the shopping centre.

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