New Ash Green Co-op Celebrates Big Lottery Win Amidst Recent Challenges

New Ash Green’s Co-op in The Row is reveling in its recent good fortune after selling a winning lottery ticket worth over £1 million. The supermarket, which has been facing a string of unfortunate events, is now proudly displaying a gold lottery stand to commemorate the big win.

Store manager Laura Parry expressed her excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to have sold the winning ticket. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Our store is now being recognized as a lucky one, and we are loving our new gold stands that have been presented to us.”

Unfortunately, the Co-op in New Ash Green has faced its share of challenges in recent months. Last November, the store was the target of a ram-raid where the shutters were destroyed and the cash machine was damaged. This came just weeks after the store’s grand reopening following a two-month renovation. The renovations aimed to create a more open and spacious shopping experience for customers, including new refrigeration throughout the store.

Despite the setbacks, the Co-op in New Ash Green is now basking in the glow of its latest success, and customers are hoping that the “lucky store” will continue to bring them good fortune.

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