Mother Goose Rescued from Dartford Lake After Being Trapped in Fishing Wire

Mother Goose Rescued from Dartford Lake After Being Trapped in Fishing Wire

A concerned mother goose was recently rescued from Brooklands Lake in Dartford after getting her feet caught in fishing wire. The incident, which occurred last month, left the protective Egyptian goose named Elena in a state of distress.

It took three weeks for the team at Dartford Animal Rescue to gain Elena’s trust and successfully rescue her. The mission was completed earlier this month when swan rescuer Danni Rogers bravely jumped into the cold water and brought the bird to safety.

According to Ciara O’Hare, founder of the volunteer group, they had been attempting to build up trust with Elena who had been frightened by previous attempts from well-meaning members of the public. She explained, “Elena has two small babies and a loving partner which put her on very high alert. As she’s the only bird on the lake with babies at the moment and lots of people walk around this lake, she was spotted and approached by many people and she was on guard from day one as a result.”

Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to catch Elena by hand and had to resort to other methods. With the help of Danni Rogers and his swan ambulance, they were able to get close to her and successfully rescue her.

Unfortunately, the first attempt was unsuccessful due to equipment failure, but the team persisted and were able to rescue Elena on their second try. They found that her feet were tightly tangled in fishing line, causing her great discomfort.

After being brought back to land, Elena’s wounds were cleaned and her feet were untangled. She is expected to make a full recovery and is already showing signs of regaining her confidence.

Ciara expressed the team’s emotional response to seeing Elena move freely again, saying, “Seeing her move freely and regain her confidence has been so emotional for us all.” The volunteers at Dartford Animal Rescue Team are dedicated to helping animals in need and were able to successfully rescue Elena thanks to their determination and expertise.

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