Minster on Sheppey resident and poodle breeder avoids jail time for neglecting animals in her care

Minster on Sheppey resident and poodle breeder, Janet Oxlade, has managed to avoid jail time after being discovered with neglected animals in her care. The 73-year-old pensioner had previously been banned from owning animals, but still kept dozens of flea-ridden and injured cats, dogs, and even a canary at her Kent home.

Oxlade, who was charged with multiple offences relating to six Yorkshire terriers, four daschunds, and four poodle-type dogs, was also charged with an offence involving a poodle on January 11, 2020 in Dartford. This is not the first time Oxlade has faced legal consequences for her mistreatment of animals. In 2018, she was banned from owning animals after the RSPCA raided her Bexley home and found 38 dogs and 18 cats living in filthy makeshift pens in her backyard.

Despite this ban, Oxlade was back in court in Maidstone in October 2020, facing charges of breaching her disqualification, failing in her duties as a person responsible for animal welfare, and causing unnecessary suffering to a canary named Elvis. Sophie Reed, representing the RSPCA, explained that a concerned citizen had contacted Oxlade after seeing her advertisement for a poodle puppy for sale. After discovering Oxlade’s history of animal neglect, the buyer reported her to the authorities.

As a result, the RSPCA and police conducted a visit to Oxlade’s home in Minster on Sheppey, where they found many of the animals living in small crates and covered in fleas. Additionally, a canary was found to be underweight and suffering from multiple health issues, including a scaly leg infection, cysts, abscesses, and feather loss.

During her interview with officers, Oxlade stated that she had the animals to keep her company as she had become “isolated and depressed” without them. She also claimed that she had to move out of Bexley following her 2018 ban. However, she did admit to breeding poodle dogs and owning a rottweiler, which her daughter had given back to her. Unfortunately, the rottweiler had to be euthanised due to its poor condition.

Ultimately, Oxlade was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence and ordered to undergo at least 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR) sessions. She also claims that she was unaware she was still banned from owning animals and thought the ban had ended when she paid off a previous fine of £2,000 from the 2018 incident.

The RSPCA’s Sophie Reed commented on the severity of the situation, stating that two animals had to be euthanised and many others were living in poor conditions with no natural light. She also noted that the animals displayed fear and anxiety when approached. Oxlade’s actions have clearly had a negative impact on the welfare of these animals, and it is important for her to face consequences for her actions.

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