Met Police Investigates Incorrect Speed Limit Sign on A20 Near Swanley Interchange, Drivers Frustrated and Confused

An investigation has been launched by the Metropolitan Police after an incorrect 50mph speed limit sign was placed on a stretch of the A20 Sidcup Road near Swanley Interchange.

Transport for London (TfL) has temporarily reduced the speed limit on this section of the A20 to 40mph, causing confusion and frustration for drivers. Many have received notices of intended prosecution (NIPs) for speeding, as they were unaware of the change or were caught off guard by conflicting signs.

The incorrect sign has since been removed and replaced with the correct 40mph notice, but the damage has already been done. The Met Police is now investigating this as an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Dominic Smith, director of motoring solicitors Patterson Law, has been advising drivers who have received fines on this stretch of road. He believes that around 60,000 NIPs have been sent out and that many of these drivers may have a case in court if they can prove the signs were confusing.

However, the Met Police has stated that the incorrect sign would not have impacted the enforcement of the 40mph average speed limit, as their prosecution team has taken legal advice on the matter. This decision has been met with criticism, with Mr. Smith calling it “ludicrous”.

The temporary speed limit changes were put in place due to safety concerns over surface water flooding, which has caused multiple accidents and damage to property. The changes will remain in place until permanent drainage works can be completed.

A Facebook group has been created for affected drivers, with over 11,000 members sharing their experiences and frustrations. Kent MPs have also written to TfL and the Mayor of London, expressing their concerns and requesting that fines and license points be cancelled for drivers who were traveling under 50mph.

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