Meopham Mum’s Blue Badge Petition Surpasses 10,000 Signatures, Bringing Hope for Disabled Children and Their Families

Overjoyed Meopham Mum Celebrates Blue Badge Petition Reaching 10,000 Signatures

Sarah Johnson, a mother from Meopham, is filled with gratitude and joy as her petition for a Blue Badge has reached over 10,000 signatures. Johnson took to social media after the general election announcement disrupted her plans.

Her two-year-old twin daughters, Astrid and Iris, were diagnosed with cerebral palsy last July, making it difficult for them to walk. While Astrid uses a Kaye Walker, Iris prefers to walk independently, despite falling frequently and only being able to take a few steps at a time.

Johnson applied for a Blue Badge through Kent County Council but was told she did not meet the criteria and would have to wait until November when the girls turn three. According to government guidelines, children under three can only receive a Blue Badge if they must always be near medical equipment or a vehicle in case of an emergency.

In March, Johnson shared her daily struggles with KentOnline, stating that she was told to use a buggy for her daughters. However, this is not a viable option for Johnson, as she wants her children to actively participate in activities like going to the park or playing on playground equipment.

Determined to make a change, Johnson started a petition to urge the government to review its rules on Blue Badges. However, due to the general election in July, the petition will close on May 30. In a plea on social media, Johnson asked for more signatures as the petition was only at 6,000.

Despite her worries, the petition has now reached over 10,000 signatures, ensuring a response from the government. Johnson is overwhelmed by the support and hopes it will bring awareness to the challenges faced by parents and carers of disabled children.

With a Blue Badge, Johnson believes she can park closer to places like the park, swimming center, and doctor’s office, without having to struggle with a buggy and walker. She also hopes her campaign will help future parents and carers in similar situations.

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