McDonald’s in Dartford Reopens with Modern Upgrades and 20 New Job Opportunities

McDonald’s in Dartford is getting a brand new look and bringing along 20 new job opportunities for the local community.

The popular fast food chain, located on Princes Road, has been closed for renovations but will be reopening its doors on Wednesday, July 10th.

The newly revamped restaurant, known as a “Convenience of the Future” location, aims to provide customers with a more modern and efficient experience. This will be achieved through a redesigned layout and the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

One of the major changes will be the addition of a McDelivery only area. This area will have a dedicated entrance for delivery drivers, allowing them to easily pick up orders and reducing congestion in the dining area. This will also create more space for walk-in takeaway and dining customers.

The redesigned restaurant will also feature eco-friendly elements, such as LED lighting and wall graphics made from recycled coffee beans, floor and wall tiles.

Greg Abbott, who owns and operates nine McDonald’s restaurants in Kent, expressed his excitement for the changes, stating, “The company is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and by investing in these changes in my restaurant, we’ll be doing just that.” He also mentioned that the renovations will bring in 20 new jobs for the local community.

The reopening of McDonald’s in Dartford is highly anticipated and customers can’t wait to see the changes and improvements firsthand. So mark your calendars for July 10th and get ready for a new and improved McDonald’s experience!

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