Massive Bust in Dartford and Gravesham as Over 120,000 Illegal Cigarettes Seized in Joint Operation

Local authorities in Dartford and Gravesham have made a massive bust in their efforts to crack down on illegal cigarette sales. Over 120,000 illegal cigarettes were seized from 22 shops in the area during a joint operation conducted by police officers and Home Office immigration enforcement.

The operation, conducted on March 8, aimed to ensure that all shops were following proper licensing and immigration laws. During the search, a total of 6,448 packs of untaxed cigarettes, 327 pouches of tobacco, and a sum of cash were confiscated.

In addition to the illegal goods, four individuals were also questioned for immigration offenses. Police Sergeant Daniel Bartlett emphasized the dangers of illicit cigarettes and tobacco, both in terms of public health and the impact on legitimate businesses.

He also expressed the importance of collaborative efforts with partner agencies to crackdown on illegal sales and bring offenders to justice. The authorities are determined to continue such operations to protect the community and uphold the law.

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