Major Development in Northfleet Gets Green Light from Gravesham Borough Council, Including New Stadium for Ebbsfleet United FC

Gravesham Borough Council has given the green light for a major development in Northfleet, which includes a new stadium for the local football team Ebbsfleet United. The project, which was proposed in October 2022, was unanimously approved by the council’s planning committee on April 30.

The plans for the Northfleet Harbourside and Ebbsfleet United FC stadium were met with excitement and enthusiasm from both the team’s CEO Damian Irvine and council members. Irvine expressed his passion for the project and its potential to bring much-needed growth and investment to the area.

The development will not only include the 8,000-seat stadium, but also up to 3,500 new homes, a 300-bed hotel, a retail village, and various community amenities. This will be a significant upgrade for Ebbsfleet United, whose current stadium can only seat 4,769 people at maximum capacity.

Local councillors also showed their support for the project, recognizing the need for development in the area and the potential for job creation and economic growth. However, there were some concerns raised about the affordability of the new homes, with only 10% of them being designated as affordable housing.

There were also concerns raised by businesses that would be affected by the development, such as Robin’s Wharf, which hosts rock mineral processing facilities. The Port of London authority also expressed concerns about the potential impact on the port’s operations.

Despite these concerns, the council ultimately approved the project, with conditions that the developers address the issues raised by businesses and the Port of London authority. The council also noted that the project will be developed in phases over the course of 10 years, with the stadium construction scheduled to begin in September 2024.

After the meeting, Irvine expressed his satisfaction with the decision and the potential benefits the project will bring to the area. With the unanimous approval from the council, the Northfleet Harbourside and Ebbsfleet United FC stadium project is ready to move forward and bring positive changes to the community.

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