Major Delays on M25 as Car Overturns on Clockwise Carriageway

Motorists faced delays on the M25 today as traffic was held due to a car overturning on the clockwise carriageway. The incident occurred just after Junction 2 for the A2 and Darenth Interchange, causing a major disruption for commuters.

According to reports, the vehicle flipped over, leading to a temporary halt in traffic while emergency services responded to the scene. However, the situation has now been resolved and traffic is able to pass through the area.

Despite the swift response from authorities, congestion built up quickly, stretching all the way back to The QE2 Bridge. This caused further frustration for drivers trying to navigate their way through the area.

At this time, police have not released any official statements regarding the incident. However, it serves as a reminder for all drivers to exercise caution and follow traffic regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

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