Major Delays on M25 Anticlockwise as Dartford Tunnel Closed Due to Accident

Traffic on the anticlockwise M25 is at a standstill as the Dartford Tunnel has been closed due to an accident between junction one for Dartford and junction 31 for Lakeside. The incident occurred at 1.30pm today (April 4), causing significant delays for motorists.

According to reports, queues of up to 30 minutes have formed near the tunnel, with only the smaller left hand tunnel currently open for traffic. Highways England has issued a photo showing the building queues and advises drivers to avoid the area if possible.

The cause and severity of the accident are currently unknown, but authorities are working to clear the scene as quickly as possible. In the meantime, commuters and travelers are urged to find alternate routes and expect delays in the area.

As this is a developing situation, more updates will be provided as they become available. Stay tuned for the latest information on the Dartford Tunnel closure and its impact on traffic.

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