Major Delay on Dartford Bridge as Commuters Face Road Block by Lakeside

Major Delay on Dartford Bridge as Commuters Face Road Block by Lakeside

Commuters traveling from Lakeside to Dartford are facing a major delay on the Dartford Bridge due to reports of individuals blocking the road. The incident, which began at 6am this morning (March 12), has caused traffic to come to a complete standstill on the bridge.

As a result, the bridge has been closed and long queues have formed from J31 A1306 in Lakeside to J1A A206 in Dartford. Motorists traveling on the A13 are also experiencing delays, with queues stretching for two miles before J30 in Lakeside and in the London-bound direction from the Tilbury Docks junction.

National Highways took to Twitter to inform drivers of the situation, stating that the incident is being led by the police and is expected to continue for some time. They advised commuters to consider alternate routes if possible.

To accommodate the halted south-bound traffic, the eastbore tunnel has been closed north-bound for use as a diversion. Authorities have reached out to Kent and Essex Police for further information on the incident.

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