Major Collision at Dartford Crossing Causes Tunnel Closure and Heavy Traffic Delays

A collision at the Dartford Crossing has resulted in the closure of one of the tunnels, leading to significant traffic delays.

According to reports, the anti-clockwise carriageway is experiencing heavy congestion as two lanes have been shut down due to the accident.

Images from the scene show a buildup of vehicles at the crossing, with the National Highways team urging drivers to use alternative routes if possible.

The right-hand tunnel has been completely closed off, causing traffic to be diverted to the remaining two lanes. Meanwhile, the left-hand tunnel, which has a slightly smaller clearance of 4.8m, is still open to vehicles.

As a result of the incident, queues have extended as far back as J1a for Dartford and the Darenth Interchange. Motorists are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and expect delays.

Authorities are currently working to clear the scene and reopen the affected tunnel as soon as possible. In the meantime, drivers are urged to exercise caution and follow all traffic regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

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