Local Pet Owner Credits Crashproof Crate for Saving Dog’s Life in M25 Accident Near Dartford

Local pet owner shares how crashproof crate saved her dog’s life in terrifying M25 accident near Dartford

A Dartford woman is urging pet owners to consider investing in a crashproof dog crate after her beloved Spaniel Mitch miraculously escaped unharmed from a high-speed crash on the M25.

Hayley Schofield, 28, was on her way home from work in her Mercedes when she became involved in a terrifying 70mph collision with a van near the Darenth Interchange. The accident occurred in inclement weather conditions, as the speed limit suddenly dropped from 70mph to 50mph.

“I heard a loud beep and then the crash happened. It was terrifying, I thought the worst,” said Schofield.

Thankfully, Schofield only suffered minor injuries but her first thought was for her dog Mitch, who often accompanies her to work on a school farm. After climbing out of the wreckage, she was relieved to find that Mitch had escaped unharmed.

Schofield credits a specialist TransK9 crate that she had purchased for Mitch five years ago for saving his life. The crash-tested crate, which cost her around £500, is designed to keep pets safe in the event of an accident.

“I believe that the crate is the reason why Mitch is still alive. I can’t imagine if he had been in the boot, he wouldn’t have stood a chance,” said Schofield.

She hopes that her story will raise awareness about the importance of investing in a safe and secure crate for pets when travelling in the car. She believes that there should be legislation in place to ensure that all pets are safely restrained while travelling.

“You can get different sizes for each car and they are expensive, but what price can you put on your pet’s safety?” she said.

The accident, which occurred on Wednesday, April 3, resulted in Schofield’s Mercedes being written off. Two people were reported to have suffered injuries, and police, highways officers, and paramedics were all in attendance at the scene.

Schofield’s warning to pet owners serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring our furry companions are safe and secure while travelling in a vehicle. Investing in a crashproof crate could potentially save their lives in the event of an accident.

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