Local Councillors Call on Government for Funding to Repair Closed A226 Galley Hill Road in Swanscombe

Local Councillors Call on Government for Funding to Repair Closed A226 Galley Hill Road in Swanscombe

Local councillors are calling on the government to provide funding to repair the A226 Galley Hill Road in Swanscombe, which has been closed for eight months due to a landslip.

Dartford councillor Claire Pearce has written to the Roads Minister, urging for immediate funding to fix the road following a burst water pipe that caused it to collapse in April of last year.

The closure of the A226, a major route connecting Dartford and Gravesend, has caused major disruptions for residents and businesses in the area. Kent County Council (KCC) has stated that the road is not expected to reopen this year, leading to concerns about the impact on the local community.

Councillor Pearce expressed frustration at the slow progress in finding a solution and the lack of clarity on how the repairs will be funded. With KCC currently consulting on budget cuts, there are fears that further delays may occur if the council is unable to fund the repairs.

The closure of the road has also had a significant impact on the community, making it difficult for residents to get around and causing traffic gridlock on local roads. Local businesses, such as the Hot Rod Diner in Northfleet High Street, have reported a decline in sales and have had to make difficult decisions, such as laying off staff, in order to stay afloat.

In response to these concerns, Councillor Pearce and other local councillors are requesting for a portion of KCC’s fund for repairing potholes to be allocated specifically for the damaged local roads affected by the diversion.

A meeting will take place tonight at the Heritage Community Hall in Swanscombe for residents to hear updates from KCC representatives and to ask any questions they may have. It is hoped that a solution can be found soon to reopen the A226 Galley Hill Road and alleviate the burden on the community.

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