Local Council to Decide on Northfleet Harbourside and Ebbsfleet United FC Stadium Plans After Almost Two Years

Local Council to Decide on Northfleet Harbourside and Ebbsfleet United FC Stadium Plans After Almost Two Years

Northfleet Harbourside and Ebbsfleet United FC stadium plans to be decided by local council

After almost two years since their initial submission, a decision is finally set to be made on the outline plans for the proposed Northfleet Harbourside development and a new 8,000-seater stadium for Ebbsfleet United FC.

The scheme, which has been named Northfleet Central 1 Limited, will be presented before Gravesham council’s planning committee next week for the first time. The plans were originally submitted in October 2022 and have since undergone several public consultations.

The proposed development seeks to demolish existing buildings on a 50-acre brownfield site in the Northfleet Industrial Area. This will make way for a new retail village, a 300-bed hotel, 3,500 homes, 18,000 sq m of office space, and a 18,000 sq m football stadium with up to 8,000 seats. The development will also include landscaping, highway works, and community venues.

If approved, the project is expected to provide a significant boost to the local economy, creating up to 3,000 new jobs in the retail, leisure, and service sectors. The development will also address the need for housing in the area, with a mix of units planned across five new “neighbourhoods” – Parkland, Riverside, Boulevard, Marketplace, and Stadium.

While the development has received support from fans and neighbors, with over 300 letters of support submitted, there have also been 35 objections citing concerns about overdevelopment and the impact on the character of the area.

The proposed development will replace the current Kuflink Stadium and is expected to bring in regional and national chains, providing a different retail and leisure experience for the community. However, some concerns have been raised about the potential diversion of trade from town centers.

In their report, council officers have noted a lack of secondary and primary school places in the area, which may need to be addressed through a financial contribution if the development is approved. Overall, the plans have been deemed to provide sufficient community provision for the proposed level of development and will also benefit the existing community.

If given the green light, construction of the stadium is expected to take just under two years, with additional phases of the Harbourside development scheduled to take place over an eight-year period.

Councillors will make a decision on the outline plans for Northfleet Harbourside and the Ebbsfleet United FC stadium next Tuesday. To stay updated on this and other planning applications and public notices in your area, please visit the Gravesham council planning portal.

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