Local Car Enthusiast Honors Beloved Rover P6’s 40th MOT at Familiar Garage

Local Car Enthusiast Honors Beloved Rover P6's 40th MOT at Familiar Garage

Local Classic Car Enthusiast Celebrates Milestone with Beloved Rover P6

A car’s 40th MOT may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for Paul Smith, it’s a momentous occasion. That’s because Smith’s beloved 60-year-old Rover P6 has been going to the same garage for its MOT since 1984.

Located in Dartford, Orchard Garage Limited on Heath Lane has been a familiar place for Smith and his trusty Rover P6. Even though the car is technically exempt from MOTs due to its age, Smith still takes it in for the test to ensure it is in top shape.

Smith, now 66 years old, has a special bond with his Rover P6. He also owns an identical car with a consecutive number plate, and his friend owns a third vehicle in a derelict state. Together, they form a unique trio.

Over the past 60 years, Smith’s Rover P6 has been a constant companion. He has taken it on trips to rallies in Europe and across the UK, and even showcased it at the NEC’s 60th anniversary of the Rover P6 in Birmingham last year.

For Smith, his car is more than just a vehicle. He affectionately refers to it as a “brother” and has spent countless hours tinkering with it, taking it apart and putting it back together. He then entrusts a garage to handle the welding, painting, and restoring to its former glory.

While Smith admits he doesn’t like to take his beloved car on everyday errands, he does use a Rover 75, which he purchased from Orchard Garage Limited, as his primary mode of transportation. It’s clear that Smith has a deep love for all things Rover and he plans to continue caring for his Rover P6 for many more years to come.

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