Kreate Dental Approved to Expand and Serve More NHS Patients in Northfleet

Kreate Dental Approved to Expand and Serve More NHS Patients in Northfleet

Kreate Dental, a local dental practice, has been given the green light to expand its operations and take on more NHS patients in Northfleet. The former Quigly Dental Practice, located on Hunt Road, will undergo renovations to add three new surgery rooms, allowing the practice to double its patient capacity from 30 to 75 a day.

Dr Mihir Shah, owner of Kreate Dental, requested permission to convert the floor above the existing practice from a residential flat to a dentist’s office. Despite concerns from local residents and council members about potential parking issues, the planning committee approved the expansion unanimously on May 22.

Speaking to KentOnline, Dr Shah expressed his understanding of the potential disruption to residents and his commitment to being a good neighbor. He also highlighted the need for improved dental services in the area, citing research that suggests one in three families in Gravesham are not receiving adequate oral healthcare.

The expansion of Kreate Dental will not only help meet the increasing demand for NHS slots, but also alleviate the backlog caused by the pandemic. Dr Shah explained that during the height of the pandemic, many dental surgeries had to close and were only able to see a limited number of patients due to government guidelines. This led to significant backlogs and waiting lists, which the industry is still trying to recover from.

Additionally, Dr Shah emphasized the need for reform in the NHS dental contract, which has caused many dentists to leave the profession. He hopes that by expanding his practice, he can help ease some of the pressures faced by the industry.

The expansion of Kreate Dental comes at a crucial time, as a recent report found that many people across the UK have resorted to pulling out their own teeth due to the inability to find an NHS dentist. The report called for urgent and fundamental reform of NHS dentistry, citing evidence of pain and distress that is “totally unacceptable in the 21st century.”

With the approval to expand, Kreate Dental will now be able to provide improved dental services to more people in the area and help bridge the gap in oral healthcare. The practice will also become part of the Kreate Dental brand, which is known for its state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled clinicians.

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