Kitchen Fire in Dartford Caused by Overheated Cooking Prompts Reminder for Safety Measures

Firefighters are also urging residents to make sure they have working smoke alarms in their homes, as they can provide early warning in the event of a fire. The incident in Dartford serves as a reminder to be vigilant and take precautions to prevent kitchen fires. 

Overall, while the kitchen fire caused some chaos in Dartford, it was thankfully contained and dealt with promptly by the emergency services. It serves as a reminder to always be cautious and aware when cooking to prevent any potential accidents or disasters. 


Kitchen Fire in Dartford Caused by Overheated Cooking

A kitchen fire in Dartford caused quite a commotion as two fire crews quickly arrived on the scene to tackle the blaze. The incident, which occurred on Mount Pleasant Road, was reportedly caused by “overheated cooking”.

Firefighters had to wear breathing apparatus as they worked to put out the flames, utilizing a high-pressure hose reel jet to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the incident. However, one resident did require medical attention from the South East Coast Ambulance Service for smoke inhalation.

After the fire was put out, crews used a positive-pressure ventilation fan to clear out the smoke from the property. The cause of the fire has been determined to be an accident.

Emergency services received a 999 call at 5:50pm, and were able to leave the scene by 6:35pm. The quick response and efficient action of the fire crews helped prevent any further damage or injuries. It serves as a reminder to always be cautious when cooking in the kitchen, as even a small mistake can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

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