Kent County Council Vows Legal Action to Gain Access to Collapsed Road in Swanscombe

Kent County Council has made a bold promise to take legal action if necessary to gain access to a collapsed road in Swanscombe.

The A226 Galley Hill Road has been closed since April of last year after a landslide caused major damage to the road. However, the landowners have been uncooperative in allowing access to the road for necessary investigations.

In a recent meeting with the Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents’ Association, Toby Howe of KCC Highways stated that they have exhausted all attempts to work with the landowners and are now prepared to go to court to gain access. He promised that there would be “no more Mr Nice Guy” and that they would use all necessary powers to complete their work.

The issue has been ongoing for over a year, with battles between the landowners, KCC, and Thames Water causing delays in the repair process. The road collapse has caused major disruptions for residents, including traffic congestion, lack of public transportation, and noise disturbances.

However, there may be some progress on the horizon as a digger has been spotted on the south side of the collapse, undergoing tests. KCC is hopeful that they will be able to access the north side soon and continue discussions with the government roads minister to secure funding for the repair project.

In the meantime, residents have expressed their frustrations through a protest earlier this month, and Dartford MP Gareth Johnson has applied for a debate in Parliament to keep pressure on the government to resolve the issue.

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