KCC Cracks Down on Bus Lane Violations in Maidstone and Dartford with New ANPR Cameras

KCC Cracks Down on Bus Lane Violations in Maidstone and Dartford with New ANPR Cameras

KCC Implements ANPR Cameras to Crack Down on Bus Lane Violations in Maidstone and Dartford

Drivers in Maidstone and Dartford may soon face hefty fines for breaking the rules of the road, as Kent County Council (KCC) plans to utilize ANPR cameras to monitor and penalize offenders.

The move comes as part of KCC’s efforts to improve bus punctuality, air quality, and reduce traffic congestion in the area. Previously, only London boroughs had the authority to use monitoring devices to catch “moving traffic offences”, but KCC has recently been granted new powers under the Traffic Management Act 2004.

This means that the council can now use cameras to prevent offenses such as driving past a ‘no entry’ sign, making banned U-turns, entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear, or driving in prohibited areas such as bus or taxi lanes.

The first camera is proposed to be installed at the bus-gate between Chapelfield Way and Howard Drive in Allington, Maidstone. This gate was initially put in place to prevent traffic from using the route as a shortcut and to allow a new bus service to operate. However, the current “sump-buster” system has proven ineffective in deterring drivers from using the road.

The second camera is set to be installed at the ‘no entry’ signs at the Joyce Green Lane-end of the Kent Fastway in Dartford. Additional cameras may also be placed at other entrances to the fastway, including Rennie Drive and Crossways Boulevard.

KCC’s cabinet member for highways and transport, Neil Baker, stated: “We are taking a zero tolerance approach to moving traffic offences in order to improve residents’ quality of life, traffic flow, and air quality. These sites have been identified using criteria set out in the law.”

Before the cameras can be installed, the council must first conduct a public consultation and consider the responses. The deadline for feedback is February 19, and individuals can provide their views through the KCC website.

Cllr Neil Baker encourages the community to share their opinions, stating: “I look forward to hearing from anyone who may wish to have their say on this matter.”

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