Iconic ATIK Nightclub in Dartford Closes its Doors, Leaving Behind Memories of Love and Laughter

Love Found on the Dancefloor as Iconic ATIK Nightclub in Dartford Closes its Doors

After years of providing a lively and vibrant nightlife experience, ATIK nightclub in Dartford has officially closed its doors for good. The news has left many couples who met on the dancefloor reeling, as they reflect on the memories made at this iconic venue.

The closure comes after the owners of the nightclub, Rekom UK, announced their plans to call in administrators due to the ongoing cost of living crisis and higher bills. Despite efforts to reach an agreement with their landlord, the company was forced to hand back the lease of the Dartford club, resulting in the closure and the loss of jobs for its staff.

The two-story club, located on Essex Road, has been a popular spot for partygoers for over four decades. It has gone through several name changes, including Scala, Flicks, Air and Breathe, and Zens and Library. For many, this club holds a special place in their hearts, and has been a place to dance, laugh, and make memories.

For some, those memories include meeting their significant other on the dancefloor. Samantha and Connor Goodison met at ATIK (then called Air N Breathe) in 2013. They shared that the club will always hold a special place in their hearts, as it was a frequent spot for them during the early years of their relationship.

Another couple, Amy and Alun Avis, also found love at ATIK back in 2007. They now have a 10-year-old daughter and fondly remember the club as a busy and lively place to continue their nights out after hours.

Nina Horrod also met her husband at ATIK, then known as Zens. She expressed sadness over the club’s closure and shared that she has two beautiful children because of a night out there in her twenties.

Many others, like Angie Winchester, hold a special place in their hearts for the club, with memories dating back to when it was known as Flicks. She shared that it will always be a part of the history of both Dartford and nightclub culture.

Chairman of REKOM UK, Peter Marks, acknowledged the impact the club’s closure will have on the local late-night economy. He also cited the challenges faced by the hospitality industry, including rising costs and the cost-of-living crisis affecting younger generations.

As ATIK nightclub in Dartford closes its doors, it leaves behind a legacy of love, laughter, and good times for all those who walked through its doors. The memories made on its dancefloor will live on, even as the club itself becomes a part of history.

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