Holy Trinity Primary School in Dartford Launches Trial for School Streets Initiative to Promote Safer Roads for Students

Holy Trinity Primary School in Dartford Launches Trial for

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School in Dartford is taking part in a new traffic-free zone trial to promote safer streets for children. The national “school streets” initiative aims to reduce air pollution, promote better health, and improve road safety for students. As part of the trial, Chatsworth Road, at its junction with Arundel Road, will be closed to vehicles during peak drop-off and pick-up times. This will create a safer environment for students and their families to travel to and from school.

The decision to implement the trial came after concerns were raised by the school community and neighboring residents about congestion during peak times. This has led to blocked driveways, volatile exchanges, and poor parking, causing stress and frustration for all involved. The school has worked closely with Kent County Council to find a solution to these issues, leading to the implementation of the school streets scheme.

The trial will begin on April 22 and will be evaluated for effectiveness. If successful, it could become a permanent fixture. During the trial, an experiment traffic regulation order (ETRO) will restrict traffic from using Chatsworth Road between 8:15 am and 9:15 am and 2:45 pm and 3:45 pm on weekdays. Residents can apply for a permit to exempt them from the ban but are encouraged to avoid the street during these times.

To ensure the success of the trial, KCC will be working closely with the school and local parking enforcement personnel to monitor the scheme. The aim is to prevent congestion and improve road safety in surrounding streets. If the trial is deemed successful, it could be expanded to other schools in Dartford.

The school streets scheme has already been implemented in other areas of Kent, such as Margate and Southborough, and has been successful in reducing traffic and improving safety for students. It is hoped that the trial at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School will have the same positive impact.

Overall, this trial is a step towards creating a safer and more pleasant environment for students and their families in Dartford. It is important for drivers to be patient and cooperative during this trial period to ensure its success. With the support of the community, this scheme has the potential to make a significant difference in promoting safer streets for children.

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