Gravesend RNLI Team Rescues Five Passengers Stranded on Yacht Struck by Lightning

The Gravesend RNLI team sprang into action, saving the lives of five passengers aboard a yacht that had been struck by lightning.

The distress call came in just before 4am on Thursday, reporting a drifting yacht near Broadness on the Swanscombe Peninsula. Coastguard volunteers were immediately called to the scene.

According to the skipper of the vessel, the lightning strike had caused the engines to lose power and the sails were unable to catch any wind. The boat was part of a flotilla from Belgium on its way to London.

Thankfully, the crew on board were unharmed. However, there was a strong smell of electrical burning and the RNLI volunteers advised the crew to disconnect the batteries to prevent any further damage or potential fire.

The skilled RNLI crew then set up a tow to safely bring the yacht back to a mooring in Gravesend, where the damage could be assessed and repaired.

Thames commander Andy Colley commented on the rescue, stating that this particular area of the River Thames is a busy shipping channel and could have posed a danger to other vessels. The RNLI team was prepared for the worst, but thankfully all five passengers were found to be safe and sound.

The swift response and professionalism of the Gravesend RNLI once again proved their dedication to saving lives at sea. This rescue serves as a reminder of the importance of their ongoing training and readiness to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice.

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