Golden Post Boxes Appear in Temple Hill, Dartford, Leaving Residents Confused and Curious.

Golden Post Boxes Appear in Temple Hill, Dartford, Leaving Residents Confused and Curious.

Temple Hill residents were stunned this week as they noticed a sudden change in the appearance of their beloved red post boxes – they had been painted gold.

The mysterious transformation has left locals scratching their heads and wondering who could be responsible for the unexpected makeover.

The first sightings of the golden post boxes were reported earlier this week in various locations around Temple Hill in Dartford. The post boxes on Watling Street and St. Vincents Road were among the first to be spotted, with more popping up on Victoria Road, Pilgrims Way, Fulwich Road, and Welcome Avenue.

Speculation has been rife about who could be behind this unusual paint job. Some residents have labeled it as vandalism, while others are embracing the change and enjoying the new look. Comments on social media have been mixed, with some accusing vandals of disrespecting public property, while others are appreciating the unique touch.

There have been suggestions that the paint job could be linked to the ongoing scandal with the post office, but it is unclear if there is any connection. Some have also pointed out that the Royal Mail and post office are separate entities, and this could be the work of someone who may not have realized it.

Despite some positive feedback, many have criticized the quality of the paintwork, with some saying it needs another coat. However, there are still a few who are in favor of the change, stating that the golden post boxes look better than the original red ones.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the post boxes were spray-painted gold, and some have even been spotted with a silver coating. The one on Temple Hill Square has already been restored to its original red, and it seems that the others will soon follow suit.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail has confirmed that they are aware of the situation and are currently working on restoring the post boxes to their original color. This is not the first time that post boxes in Dartford have undergone a color change. In 2012, several post boxes were painted gold to honor local athletes who won medals in the London Olympics. However, this time, it seems to be an unauthorized and unsanctioned modification.

There was also controversy in 2014 when a post box in West Kingsdown was painted gold to honor a local athlete’s Olympic win, despite Royal Mail stating that they had no plans to repeat the gesture. The same situation arose in 2018 when another local athlete won a gold medal in the winter Olympics, but Royal Mail decided not to paint any post boxes gold.

The mystery of the golden post boxes in Temple Hill continues, and until the culprit comes forward or is caught, residents can only speculate about the reason behind this unexpected change.

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