From North Kent to the Big Apple: One Producer’s Journey to Success in TV and Film

From Dartford to the bright lights of New York City, one producer’s journey has been filled with star-studded encounters and successful productions. Nathan Palmer, a former student at North Kent College, returned to his alma mater to share his experiences with current students.

Now based in the bustling city of New York, Nathan has worked on popular shows such as America’s Got Talent and Real Housewives. He took a moment to speak to students studying digital journalism and TV and Film, offering insights into his career and valuable advice for those looking to break into the industry.

After graduating from North Kent College in 2003, Nathan continued his education at university and gained valuable work experience at Channel 4. This eventually led to his big break working on Frock Me, a fashion show hosted by the renowned Alexa Chung.

Nathan’s career continued to soar as he worked as a runner on Big Brother and then on hit UK shows like The X Factor, The Only Way is Essex, and Made in Chelsea. His talents were soon recognized in the United States, and he made the move across the pond to produce six different Real Housewives franchises, tour the country with American Idol, and audition various acts for America’s Got Talent. He even earned his first credit on Netflix with Bling Empire.

Recently, Nathan has been busy co-executive producing on Bravo’s Summer House and The Real Housewives of Dubai. Speaking about his return to North Kent College, he shared, “Studying there gave me hands-on, unforgettable experience in directing, editing, and producing, all of which prepared me for the competitive world of TV. Returning to the college, my aim was to inspire students and show them that the path to success is not always straightforward. It’s okay to learn new skills and make mistakes along the way.”

Nathan’s journey from North Kent College to New York City is a testament to the endless possibilities that lie ahead for those with a passion for media and television production. With hard work, determination, and a drive to succeed, anything is possible.

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