Four Arrested and Charged in Dartford Drug Raids

Police have charged four individuals after carrying out raids at two properties in the Temple Hill area of Dartford. The suspects, three men and a woman, were arrested last Wednesday (June 19) following the searches.

According to authorities, class A and B drugs, as well as other items including cash and multiple mobile phones, were seized during the raids. The four suspects, identified as Gibson Dalton-Shingleton, Matthew Belock, Chay Dalton-Shingleton, and Susan Forrest, were all charged with suspicion of drug dealing.

Gibson and Chay Dalton-Shingleton were also charged with possessing amphetamine, cocaine, and cannabis with the intention to distribute. All four suspects appeared before Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court, with Belock and Forrest being released on bail until their hearing at Woolwich Crown Court on July 8. The other two suspects were remanded in custody and are set to appear at Maidstone Crown Court on July 15.

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