Former Labour Leader in Dartford Joins Greens, Cites Party’s Treatment of Ethnic Minorities

Sacha Gosine, a former Labour general election candidate and leader of the Labour group in Dartford, has left the party and joined the Greens, citing concerns about the party’s direction and treatment of ethnic minorities.

Gosine’s decision comes after his wife, also a former Labour councillor, was expelled from the party for allegedly liking a tweet about a friend running for the Greens. Gosine claims that she was not given a chance to defend herself and that the party has become “toxic” and “factional.”

He also expressed disappointment in the party’s shift away from the policies of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and towards a more centrist stance under Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner.

Gosine, who is of Indian heritage, believes that the party has become more hostile towards ethnic minorities since Corbyn’s ousting. He pointed to the treatment of prominent Labour figures like Diane Abbott and Faiza Shaheen as evidence of this.

In his resignation announcement on social media, Gosine stated, “It’s clear to me that if you are a person of colour or from an Islamic background that you are going to be treated a lot less fairly. I no longer feel that Labour is a safe place for me, which is why I have resigned my membership and joined the Green Party.”

He also mentioned that he would support Green candidate Laura Edie in the upcoming general election in Dartford.

The Labour Party was approached for comment but has not yet responded.

Other candidates standing in Dartford include Jim Dickson (Labour), Gareth Johnson (Conservative), Kyle Marsh (Liberal Democrat), and Lee Stranders (Reform UK).

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